The pharmacy as a public enemy

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The title I chose for this article might seem somewhat harsh - like busting a door down - but while it may be unpleasantly true, it's necessary just the same. No possible effort should be spared at this point to alert the public to how they are being lied to and used -- in the worst meaning of the word -- as "cash cows" to be milked of their money.


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The deterioration of rights in Latin America, particularly with regard to drug use, but also of civil rights in general, is a result of the triumph of right-wing politicians in the region. Recent setbacks should make us reflect on the cultural and legal gains of the past few decades that will begin to erode with the imposition of criminalization and repression.

Codeine and rap: The latest fashion in cocktails

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For someone like me, who consumes industrial quantities of codeine (and by that I mean more than several grams a day), it's something that really shocks me. Why the hell is codeine suddenly appearing in rap songs by groups from all over the world in every language you can think of? To find out, I asked BertiMC -- a rapper from Salamanca -- what he thought and his answer was simply, "It's the fashion." And he's right. A fatal fashion started by a guy named Dj Screw, who died of an overdose of codeine mixed with other drugs, which seems to have started a trend, a kind of cult, if you will, within this musical genre.

Hi, my name is Jeffrey

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Hi, my name is Jeffrey and I am a homeless black man, with no house or job, without the right to exist. Or maybe I only have that right if I exist without any other rights.

We are not sick and we are not criminals, we are consumers

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All governments in the globe are about to tackle a very delicate problem, especially after the absolute and resounding failure of the war on drugs they declared a good few years ago. That war, as we have explained a number of times, has only achieved an increase of violence, the criminalization of consumers, hundreds of thousands of deaths for no reason and a brutal economic expense that has proven useless.

Legalization in UK would raise a billion pounds a year in tax revenue

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A recent study is trying to push the UK to follow in some USA States’ steps and allow the retail selling of cannabis to adults in authorized establishments. This would generate the annual amount of a billion pounds in taxes. But not only that, it would also reduce significantly the damage to both users and general society, according to the same study, the most detailed report to date on drug liberalization in the UK.

Feminist Empowerment and Cannabis

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As Mr Dynamite, aka James Brown used to sing, “This is a man’s world”. In most institutional, artistic and activist spheres, direction is still reserved to men. Even the ones supposed to be the most horizontal and most focused on rights and liberties.