The heroic mothers in struggle for legalization in Peru

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Madres coraje de Peru


The struggle of a group of mothers has revived the debate on drug legalization in Peru. The mothers, organized in the association “Buscando Esperanza” (“Searching for Hope”), have brought about institutional measures in favour of medical cannabis. The association is formed by mothers of children ailed with chronic neurological illnesses and aims for regulation of marijuana with medical purposes as well as promoting homegrowing.

Facebook's double standards: censorship, legality, sensitivity and good taste

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The other day, I posted on my Instagram account a picture of my daughter in a bikini, standing on a swing in the garden. A few hours later, the image was deleted from my profile. It seems that the folks at Instagram considered the content of the image, which simply showed the innocence of a child happily playing on a swing on a sunny summer afternoon, to be offensive or inappropriate. Recently, a friend of mine who works for the Spanish Cannabis seed bank, Buddha Seeds, was telling me how Facebook had censored a contest he had organized on social media because apparently it went against their policies or “community standards.”

Codeine and rap: The latest fashion in cocktails

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For someone like me, who consumes industrial quantities of codeine (and by that I mean more than several grams a day), it's something that really shocks me. Why the hell is codeine suddenly appearing in rap songs by groups from all over the world in every language you can think of? To find out, I asked BertiMC -- a rapper from Salamanca -- what he thought and his answer was simply, "It's the fashion." And he's right. A fatal fashion started by a guy named Dj Screw, who died of an overdose of codeine mixed with other drugs, which seems to have started a trend, a kind of cult, if you will, within this musical genre.

Hi, my name is Jeffrey

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Hi, my name is Jeffrey and I am a homeless black man, with no house or job, without the right to exist. Or maybe I only have that right if I exist without any other rights.

Legalization in UK would raise a billion pounds a year in tax revenue

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A recent study is trying to push the UK to follow in some USA States’ steps and allow the retail selling of cannabis to adults in authorized establishments. This would generate the annual amount of a billion pounds in taxes. But not only that, it would also reduce significantly the damage to both users and general society, according to the same study, the most detailed report to date on drug liberalization in the UK.