Chris Sayegh, The Herbal Chef: “Global cannabis revolution is a fantastic thing”

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Los Angeles’ cooking star opens his kitchen’s doors to share his vision of marijuana, one shaped between science and the stove. The Herbal Chef innovates in each dish, merging haute cuisine and cannabis. We invite you to sit at his table.

Herbal Chef Restaurant, in Los Angeles, California, is open since 2014. In the beginning, only medicinal marijuana card holding members could taste its menu. Now, after several changes in weed’s legal status in that State, Chris Sayegh’s business, which mixes haute cuisine and our favourite plant, is on the rise. Viewed as a model by other similar companies, Sayegh creates flavour combinations, “infused” or “non-infused”, to offer his customers the ultimate culinary experience.

Cheryl Shuman:“Marijuana makes me a better woman, a better human being”

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We have the priviledge to publish here an interview to Cheryl Shuman by Laura Rueda. But we need to poit out that we do not agree with the idea that Marijuana can cure cancer. That has not been proved and several research are stil ongoing to understand which is the real potential of this plant. Her Cheryl share with us her personal experience and view.

We talked with Cheryl Shuman, the Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills

We talk to Mamá Cultiva founder about Cannabis, self-empowerment and homegrowing

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Interview to Paulina Boadilla


Amidst a series of interminable earthquakes that have been striking Chile for several days, Paulina Boadilla took some time to chat with Cannabis.es and, getting around the technical difficulties, share her story with us, as well as her expert opinion and great heart. Mamá Cultiva is a non-profit foundation where mothers of children with refractory epilepsy, cancer and other pathologies, get together and promote the use of cannabis resin. 

Diane Goldstein Interviewed: a police woman against the ban

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When my publisher asked me about what women did I consider an example of brave fight in my interest areas, my mind come up full of options as brave women fighting on sciences. But when I thought of the drug policy reform field, my options were not that much, but in the cannabis zone where are many fighting women.