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I was in absolute shock when I witnessed it. The seizure was real and the patient was a kid. He wasn’t suffering “grand mal” seizures, but they were convulsions alright, this was no joke or fake. A kid lies in bed while his brain is shooting “incoherent” electric impulses that cause the convulsions that we see. Those sparks in the brain cause all the muscles in the body to move without the patient wanting them to. Also, while that electric storm takes place in the brain, the body is trying to keep all the basic vital functions working, i.e. breathing, in order to stay alive. That’s what seizure means.


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The deterioration of rights in Latin America, particularly with regard to drug use, but also of civil rights in general, is a result of the triumph of right-wing politicians in the region. Recent setbacks should make us reflect on the cultural and legal gains of the past few decades that will begin to erode with the imposition of criminalization and repression.

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