I have a proposal that I want to offer to governments all over the world. I think it could be the answer to many problems.

D.I.Y. Kill the drug dealer yourself

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I have a proposal that I want to offer to governments all over the world. I think it could be the answer to many problems. 

Mine is one of those ideas that would help the whole of society. A win-win move, as Americans say.

Here it goes: let’s support citizens who kill the people involved in drug trafficking.

It may sound a bit radical the first time you hear about it. But if you take your time to think about it, after the first shock, you will see my point. Now listen…

For starters, we all understand that drugs are bad. What is all that nonsense of legalizing something that is bad? After all the time we have been fighting against drugs… It is not the time to surrender, it is time to strike harder blows!

All those drug addicts who talk in favor of legalization (don’t be fooled, all those people are either in drugs or being paid by dealers) are hurting the message that we have been sending for years. They are opposing the idea that we, as a society, have worked so hard to defend: drugs hurt us. And the people defending drugs hurt us as well. Loads of different political options in our countries now embrace drug legalization in some way. We can’t allow this to happen just for posing, just because we want to be cutting edge.  What would happen if, in a moment of madness, millions of people voted for these political options? We would descend into absolute chaos. They would cause our era to end and our civilization to fall, all for a disgusting vice. We would remain powerless before our enemies, who would occupy our countries as easy as ladies strolling in a daisy filled prairie.

Thanks to the marijuana smokers, thanks to the people snorting lines and swallowing pills, all the junkies have undermined our politics. Our way of life has been polluted by their filthy morality. It is primarily the citizens who are being affected by the very existence of this crowd. And it is the citizens who should be the first to take matters in their own hands. Police and the Justice system, precisely because of the bad guys, are totally overwhelmed. Waiting for their help is just an unrealistic perspective.

Not only will the citizens have a better chance against these individuals by carrying guns: also, an armed citizen is saving us the cost of another policeman, another wage being paid with our taxes. Why should we delegate and pay others to do what we can do ourselves? Are we not capable of taking care of our own business?

The saving in police and other related expenditures like petrol, weapons, equipment and maintenance would be evident. The presence of “citizen police” in all neighborhoods would be enough to maintain order. The very order that is being altered by these crooks.

I know what the first argument from people opposing my plan is going to be. They will reply that in order to make it happen we would have to break several laws. But we all know that laws are simply the most commonly used instrument to “guide” people. If you can change the Constitution in 15 minutes while having a coffee in the bar we can modify anything.

We would have to take into account the legal expenses of the process we face, due to UN pressures to ensure that the crooks get a trial. In order to kill the traffickers and still receive all those millions in funds for bullets from international community, we will have to take things one step further. It is not enough to make citizens policemen, we would have to expand the situations in which the use of “lethal force” was allowed. By doing that we would ensure that a citizen, if he thinks he needs to, could shoot and kill a dealer and be rewarded the State. Why not? If he acts the way we want him to, he would be doing society good and should be rewarded, in order to stimulate other citizens to follow the example.

Even if the State had to spend a small amount of money after each “citizenship action against drugs”, this cost would be inferior to the sum needed for an efficient police force, a working legal system that could bring about real justice and the expenses of trials and prisons. The prison expenses include feeding those people, paying for their health costs, and ultimately taking charge of insolvent, unproductive gangsters to the point of making sure they have pillows on their beds ads fun things to do in their “spare time”. It all comes from the tax payer`s pockets, the same people who can’t make ends meet and, sometimes, can’t even feed their own family. It is not fair we cover those people that were selling death to our neighbors and our children. And we will not do it anymore: we will end the drug problem ourselves, while we save money that will fly back into our pockets.

Let’s not forget there is always the option of opening up a “new road” in law, and make new laws with retroactive effects on the population of traffickers already imprisoned. Why do we need to take care of them, if they were condemned by a judge? Is it better to push a youngster into drugs by offering him his first joint than to sell tons of heroin to hopeless junkies? Just because it is cannabis we have to accept it and not fight? Never lose sight of our real goal: a drug free world. And free of drug users too. The price does not matter, it never did, it’s all about the triumph of a new race.

I am getting carried away, because I am aware that we are way too humane with the scum we are dealing with. That is why, when I become president, I will give the police and the army instructions to seek all those people and kill them all. All of them. I am going to wipe the thrash out of this land.

Enough with being hesitant against evil. Forget the Human Right Laws, because I am going to dismember criminals myself. And in front of you, if you need proof of how committed I am.

 I would kill my own children if they were drug addicts. I would throw up every time I looked at their faces. That shows how disgusted I would be at their behavior. I’m not kidding, it‘s the end of the road for drugs in our planet. I know what I’m talking about. My death squadrons are ready and perfectly able to hunt these scumbags (and use them afterwards, executing them publicly as a warning).

You know that I am a man of my word and a man of justice: I only kill those who deserve to die.

Let’s go, Planet Earth, let’s finish this Satan’s curse off!! Presidents all over the globe: if we want a drug free world, one free of junkies, nobody is going to deliver that, it is our responsibility to establish it, so that it lasts for, at least, 1000 years.

Young citizens of today: storm into this decadent, miserable civilization, this unfortunate country. Destroy their temples, erase their gods, raise the veils that cover their nuns and turn them into mothers to make our species more masculine.

Break all records of propriety and make bonfire with the bits of paper to purify our infamous social organization.

Penetrate the humble hearts and raise legions of working men, so that the world kneels before its new judges.

Don’t stop before altars or graves.

Fight, kill and die!!

* The idea, although good, is not mine. It comes from the President of the Philippines, known as “Duterte el Sucio”, a sort of Donald Drumpf (that, and not Trump, is Donald’s real name). Except Duterte, contrary to the American clown, has already a long record of murders and “extrajudicial executions” with death squadrons. But he kills only the bad guys, as say his people, who love him.

He is also a man with a strange sense of humor: talking about a nun that was raped by a crowd of men in a prison under his control, he said the nun “was so hot the prison warden should have been the first to rape her”. They are masculine and virile, and these things come out their mouths when they let the stink out of the sewers.

Because we all understand that everything is OK in order to end drugs. Killing junkie scum or turn nuns into mothers by gang raping them? How trivial are these things if it is a greater good that we seek?

** The last lines, from “young citizens” to “Fight, kill, die”, including the exhortation to rape nuns, belong to a well-known XX Century Spanish politician: Alejandro Lerroux.

Between 1933 and 1935 he was three times president of the II Spanish Republic, apart from being a minister of War (1934) and State (1935).