Good day friends of this green ocean that’s the world of marijuana. It is a pleasure to embark on this new project, that today sets sail and initiates its long travels.

Growing Marijuana

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Good day friends of this green ocean that’s the world of marijuana. It is a pleasure to embark on this new project, that today sets sail and initiates its long travels. 

I hope and I wish that this will be a long one, that we will have the winds in our favor, and that we will always be in the company of the best of smokes. During this tour we’ll be talking journey after journey, or chapter after chapter, about the growing of marijuana in its diverse aspects, and including indoor and outdoor growing.

Excuse my use of nautical terms (so in fashion amongst politicians these days) but you should know I am a sailor. Many of you already know me from my collaboration in the Buddha Seeds blog, a ship of which I am a tester, and about ecologic farming in another top magazine. But some of you may not know me, so let me introduce myself.

My name is Adryc, I’m a professional sailor, although I retired years ago after an unlucky accident on board that wrecked both my legs and has kept me far from the sea. That to me feels like being dead, since I’ve spent most of my life on the sea. And it was indoor marijuana farming (I couldn’t leave the house) that kept me from dying in misery… emotional misery, that is, ha ha, not the other misery, the one that hits so many others these days. After a long recovery I found my way again. Planting seeds, observing them grow day after day, helped me get back the routine of living, and to look at marijuana differently, as a friend, and write about it. The misteries of life.

I want to start this first collaboration thanking you all for being here, it’s a pleasure to write for you. I salute you.

I have to tell you I know Mary since I was 14 years old, 49 years ago. I met her in the old, and just as green, Ireland. Ever since, throughout my life I have smoked all kinds of weed: Californian, Mexican, from Malawi, Hawaian Purples, etc.

Some of you might be wondering how that was possible, having spent three quarters of my life on the sea… The answer is very easy: I was buying the weed in the harbors we landed at. I’m from a family of generations of fishermen and sailors, and I grew up in ports. Any port in the world is like a great bazaar, you can find everything there. There’s always someone devoted to providing you with all you need, you just have to find that person.

I’ve been growing weed for a long time now. In the beginning, I did it whenever I could, but it wasn’t the same. I would plant a crop and someone else would take care of it. I was only smoking from it, and only for fun. Now I do it but for therapeutic reasons. I don’t consume analgesics of any kind (I’m allergic to a lot of drugs, and the ones I can take are very expensive) and weed soothes my pain. My ailments feel like old travel mates to me now, and weed helps me lead a quiet, normal life. This means also a saving of money for the public health system.

I am a big defender of ecological farming of marijuana, and all the marijuana I smoke has been grown in this fashion. Obviously, when I carry out the different tests and experiments that Buddha Seeds requires, I follow their directions regarding the fertilizing method, mineral or bio-eco, or whatever. That keeps me up to date with every novelty and new variety, and it has given me the chance to know many genotypes first hand. Nevertheless, at the same time, I always grow a parallel crop which I farm using my own eco fertilizers. They don’t produce a bigger amount, but you’ll notice the difference when you smoke it, I can assure you.

If quality is what you’re looking for, if your aim is to smoke your favorite herb variety, grown by yourself… if you want to be able to appreciate all the different nuances... appreciate the herb’s natural flavor, without leaving traces of undesired waste, as happens sometimes, if you’re hoping to taste that weed in all its intensity and flavor, chew its smoke, its traces, aftertaste, without any strange flavor masking it… then go ahead. You will discover it’s not that complicated. Very shortly your crops will have no reason to envy your friend’s best crops, no loss of quantity and no lower quality of course. Your friends will be the ones feeling envy when they try it!


An advance

As I said before, I will speak here about marijuana farming, our common hobby, so gripping. We’ll discuss all different farming methods, indoors or outdoors, substratum or traditional, coconut fiber, hydroponic, and other means.

We will look at all kinds of lighting systems, HPS, low consumption lamps for farming, LED lamps, etc.

We’ll also talk about the diverse fertilizers, mineral, bio-mineral, and try different brands. We’ll do the same with the new spectra of commercial fertilizers that reach the market.

And of course, there’s no way we’re leaving this out, we’ll address ecological farming in all its facets, including organic fertilizers or commercial products.

We will learn how to make our own substrates, fertilizers and eco mixes that will help us in the farming.

I’m not forgetting outdoor and guerrilla farming. Not everything is “indoor”, we’re going to be talking about farming in general. Spring is not far away, and in the next chapter I will give you some advice on how to prepare the ground and make it ready for farming.

We will make comparisons between the different fertilizers already existing and we’ll look at the new varieties in the making or the only recently available ones, the stars of those seeds banks.

And we’ll talk about many other interesting things related to cultivation. I accept suggestions, hah… So, my friends, my advice is to embark with me and don’t miss out on a single thing!

As a wise man from ancient Asia said, at the time when marijuana was a sacred plant: “When you know something, to hold that you know it, when you don’t know something, to admit that you don’t know it. This is wisdom”.

Well I’m an old man, and my friendship with Mary and her world is old too, but every time I talk to one of you guys I learn something new.

Okay, we’re running out of space, and it’s time to say goodbye. I hope I see you all on board soon and I hope you’re not too bored already. It’s also time to smoke my Bong of #Syrup, from Buddha of course… A toast to you…