Weed, the currency of the future

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Weed, the currency of the future


After the arrival of Bitcoin in January 2009, digital currencies caused an earthquake that has shaken the foundations of trade markets and traditional economy. The possibility of using a virtual currency in transactions worth millions of dollars opens the door for a whole range of opportunities. One of them is organizing a real “marijuana bank”.

The goal of electronic currencies based in marijuana is to serve the more than $100 million that legal weed generates. But how does something like that work?

Is this about cannabis, about health or about personal freedom?

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Is this about cannabis, about health or about personal freedom?


There seems to be some motion in terms of legislative changes regarding cannabis. Good news… or not, we will have to wait and see how it turns out. The prohibition crowd seems keen to accept a new drug in their “good drugs” group. Sounds like something to be glad about, but it might turn into a disaster. Not only for the movement against prohibition. We might be facing a huge mistake that could affect the medicine and public health areas.

When cannabis is mentioned as the only drug that deserves to be legalized (again), that’s the same old obtuse and stubborn prohibition mentality, the one that claims that we should only be allowed to consume certain drugs, randomly chosen.

We visit Daya Foundation, pioneer centre in cannabis culture and treatments

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Daya Foundation took the opportunity this summer to travel to Santiago de Chile and talk to the Daya Foundation people, the first therapeutic centre specialized in cannabis solutions in all of Latin America. They are also pioneers in the struggle for regulation of cannabis in Chile. Daya in Sanskrit means “compassionate love” and it is precisely this vision that is key to their success: a genuine commitment to the wellbeing of their patients and the conviction to fight human suffering. And, also, the desire to clear the name of the plant.

The sole of the foot

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I was in absolute shock when I witnessed it. The seizure was real and the patient was a kid. He wasn’t suffering “grand mal” seizures, but they were convulsions alright, this was no joke or fake. A kid lies in bed while his brain is shooting “incoherent” electric impulses that cause the convulsions that we see. Those sparks in the brain cause all the muscles in the body to move without the patient wanting them to. Also, while that electric storm takes place in the brain, the body is trying to keep all the basic vital functions working, i.e. breathing, in order to stay alive. That’s what seizure means.


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The deterioration of rights in Latin America, particularly with regard to drug use, but also of civil rights in general, is a result of the triumph of right-wing politicians in the region. Recent setbacks should make us reflect on the cultural and legal gains of the past few decades that will begin to erode with the imposition of criminalization and repression.