Does cannabis dependence exist?

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It’s a known fact since ancient times that certain psychoactive drugs can generate dependence. But throughout history this has been considered one amongst multiple characteristics and not the inevitable consequence of their use, nor even a problem.

Cannabis as an aphrodisiac

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When discussing cannabis and sexuality we find some contradictions that may lead us to think that the aphrodisiac effect that many people, especially women, associate with cannabis, is merely a subjective notion.

Rosin Tech

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Rosin is a new technique that’s becoming very popular on internet. In just a couple months Youtube has been filled with videos where cannabis “dabbers” from different countries show how to do it. To sum up, it consists in extracting all the psychoactive resins from trichomes using heat and pressure.

Growing Marijuana

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Good day friends of this green ocean that’s the world of marijuana. It is a pleasure to embark on this new project, that today sets sail and initiates its long travels. 

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