Close is a multimedia platform focused on cannabis and other psychoactive substances. Our main goal is to inform with criterion, and to give support to the cannabic community to its full extent. 

In April 2015 our website comes to life. is an exclusive online and free media, adapted to the current context and endowed with all the advantages the new technologies offer us. But innovation is not opposed to tradition, and our project has its feet firmly planted on the ground: we are professionals with an extense trajectory in the cannabis sector, and we’ve built a team of stable collaborators, backed by their experience, including specialists from diverse sectors, journalists, bloggers, growers, and renowned consultants from the cannabis world. moves to the beat of the new times we’re living, and this requires a new language. Drugs international panorama is going through a historic moment, never seen before. At the same time, the scientific community moves forward and is involved in a high-end debate, opening new ways of investigation and discovering new applications for different substances towards public health benefit.

We’re here to tell you what’s happening around you, from a different point of view. From experience, openly and with no strings attached, we’re working to give visibility to all kind of drugs, cannabis included.

We firmly believe ignorance is freedom’s worst enemy and we want you to have the best information. And we won’t do this alone, we want to build with you, to sow together the seed of an ever-growing project. A meeting place to help each other from the basis of honest and contrasted information.

We start this path aiming to become a discerning media settled on the basic premise of supplying to our readers useful and verified information.

We invite you to discover and take a look to the world through this new window. Come in! Come with us! Because it’s time for a change, it’s time for


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