Spanish Medicinal Cannabis Observatory

Spanish Medicinal Cannabis Observatory

The story went public a few days ago, and quickly spread on the social networks.

And it’s no surprise, since the birth of the Medicinal Cannabis Observatory means a valuable step forward for diffusion and promotion of scientific advances related to therapy use of cannabis in our country.

The observatory is composed by professionals from diverse fields “who work in the study, observation and dissemination of therapeutic properties of cannabis and its derivatives: investigators, doctors and patients’ associations whose illnesses and symptoms could be treated with cannabis”.

juntadirectiva OECM

Last October 2nd the inaugural meeting of the OECM was held in Madrid, marking the start of its activities and introducing all the people who took part to society.

The management board is formed by:

Carola Pérez (Dosemociones) – President
Dr Javier Pedraza – Vice President
Cristina Sánchez (PhD, UCM) – Secretary
Guillermo Velasco (PhD, UCM) – Treasurer
Ekaitz Agirregoitia (PhD, UPV/EHU) – Member
José Carlos Bouso (PhD, Fundación ICEERS) – Member
Dr Mariano García de Palau – Member
Manuel Guzmán (PhD, UCM) – Member
Dr José Martínez-Orgado (Hospital Clínico San Carlos) – Member
Dr Joan Parés – Member

The main reason behind the creation of this organization is “the need to promote, coordinate and develop activities and projects oriented towards the knowledge of the properties and medicinal uses of cannabis and its derivatives”. Moreover, its aim is to advise public and private entities and inform the institutions, the media and society in general about these matters, based on the results of scientific experiments and clinic essays.

Initiatives like this one give hope to the cannabis community in Spain (not enjoying their best days). They offer rigorous and accurate work together with the backing of great professionals, all of which are badly needed in these days of struggle for the regulation of cannabis. It’s particularly important for the regulation of medical cannabis, since the formation and information of the health workers is practically zero. Add that to the total insecurity of the therapeutic users, not only legal, but also in healthcare, and you get a grim picture.

OECM’s main goal is to become a platform that provides access to rigorous and accurate information on cannabis use and cannabis derivatives. To this end, OECM will collaborate with other national and international entities that share similar goals. Amongst other objectives, OECM is willing monitor the traceability and standardization of products derived from cannabis that are used for medical treatment”.

OECM considers, therefore, that it is necessary to obtain a prompt reply from the Administration and all relevant institutions to provide citizens with answers, as is being done in other countries”.

We’ll be keeping track of all OECM activities and will keep you well informed. You can contact them directly by email at


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