Technical Growing Workbook Intro

Technical Growing Workbook Intro

By Adryc Menellsön

Hello my friends, welcome once more on board of I’m going to share with you this first Growing Technical Workbook.

We begin a new journey through the enchanting sea of marijuana growing, the gift from our wise Mother Earth. It doesn’t matter if lots of people insist in demonizing marijuana. They are shortsighted people, or maybe they are busy legislating to favor their friends only. They don’t care about the magic of this plant and its benefits for our health. Anyway, I don’t want to extend in digressions, we are here to discuss growing, and that’s what we are going to do.

This Growing Technical Workbook, is a subsection included in the Indoors Growing section, that I take pleasure in writing for you. Here we will discuss the more technical and specific parts of growing, we will address the latest developments that hit the market, such as lighting systems and different modalities: LED technology, HPS, etc; as well as indoor ventilation and everything related to it.

We will also talk about the different products, fertilizers as well as substrates and other curious things; we will test and compare them, and we will document everything here with abundant graphic material and all sorts of data that could be of interest for our common hobby of growing marijuana.

And we will see plants, of course, the one thing that we are all interested in.

We will monitor those specific varieties that we believe are interesting for our crops. It doesn’t matter whether they are from large or small seed banks. In fact, it is our intention to focus on the smaller ones, because we admire the efforts that many breeders take in making varieties of better quality everyday (some of them are really amazing) so that we can enjoy them. But of course, we won’t be forgetting the larger banks, because they keep surprising us every day with new and promising seeds.

So dear friends, you are going to see as many plants as you wish here. On top of all the rest, we will complement everything we discuss here on our youtube channel, in which we’ll share the videos of the monitoring procedures, conveniently sprinkled with comments about the different subjects we address, and also comments about whatever topic we write about on this workbook. To cut the story short, ha ha… every workbook we publish will be accompanied by a video edition explaining what is written in it.

This Cannabis youtube channel will include other things. There will be interviews with people in representation of the cannabis world, activists, breeders, writers, etc… and also small growers that want to contribute. There are lots of anonymous growers that are real masters of their techniques. I know at least 50 that are really ahead of me, and I’m talking about Cantabria alone, where I’m from. And I’m probably falling short, friends, because Cantabria is not only green because of its weather, hee hee… It is also due to its green people, people that grow because they love it and for their own consumption and who have been doing it for ages; and they know a lot about it. So this is an invitation to share knowledge.

Also, soon we will start releasing small explanatory tutorials about every growing technique that we use, in clear and simple fashion. You will probably have doubts on certain cases, and you will feel the need to ask some questions. That is why I encourage you all to register in the web. It‘s easy and free, hah… If you do so, you will be able to ask your questions in the commentary section, where we will answer them. If the subject is too complex or tricky, you can ask for my e mail address or even my phone number. I’m old school; for me, it’s even better that way. And I will gladly answer any question or doubt that comes up, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Allow me to say another thing now. One of the main problems that growers have is money, and especially these days. That is why we will explore alternative growing techniques, and we will try to find different and cheaper ways to take care of our plants and get more than acceptable results. This subject deserves a whole chapter, so I’m writing down a note in my agenda.

Nothing else my friends of, my advice is not to miss the next technical workbook, it will be coming soon, and will include a cutting-edge technological surprise. I’m running out of space, and my Bong is waiting, filled with my loyal friend Syrup…

Best of smokes from my cove, and here’s to your health!


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